Cat Candle-Persian Cat Candle - black and white

Cat Candle-Persian Cat Candle - black and white

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For Cat lover. 

American Shorthair Candle  is vivid with glass ball eye. His shinny innocent eye is now looking at you to take him home. miao~


About the origins of the Persian cat, some say it’s based on African wildcat and Turkish Angora. After more than 100 years of breeding, Persian cat thrived in 1860. That is, Persian cats were never a wild breed and have more than 100 years of history.


This brand new animal collection has some breakthrough in the technique and arrangement. The improvement in a more realistic and detailed hair and a two-way placement design to show different looks from the dogs/cats. The eyes are made from colored beaded glass. Not only make it more vivid but also can reflect glimpses of flare when burning in dark.

  • Tech Specs

    Height ≈ 11cm
    Weight: 0.45kg

    1. Trim the wick. (Maintain the wick at about 1/4 inch every time before lighting up the candle.)
    2. Place the candle in a sturdy container to collect dripping wax. Do not place the candle on any unstable objects.
    3. Clear the area around the candle. Remove all flammable objects around.
    4. Light the wick.
    5. Burn within sight.