Chimpanzee Candle (Black)

Chimpanzee Candle (Black)

Here’s an interesting animal fact: Chimpanzees are the most social of all the apes. Too shy to say I love you? Let the chimpanzee show your love and give your beloved one a sweet kiss.

While eye candle is spreading its wonderful scent, it also is communicating between humans and space. Just like a piece of art, it improves the quality of a living space. Every candle has infused our soul, it’s warm and vivid.

By Eye Candle
  • Details

    Scented candle
    Black: vanilla, caramel
    Red: cherry
    Blue: mint, fern

    Burning hour: over 10 hours
    Size: 7*10*10cm
    Weight : 250g

    Design and Made in Taiwan