Elephant paperweight- Rose Gold

Elephant paperweight- Rose Gold

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Elephant X Rose Gold PAPERWEIGHT

Animals enjoy the view by their own angle of eyes. Giraffe see the blue sky ; Little lamb see the green land ; Feel the breath of river through rhino’s nose ; Feel the vitality of prairie through elephant’s nose ; In lion’s eyes, the world is controlled ; In buck’s eyes, the world is always new. We run, and stop. We rest, and move on. We relax, and we live.

Living in the vivid city, we greet hundreds of people a day, meet each other and create many life stories. Same time, some parts of the world, animals live by using their own angle of eyes. See this world and discover their own simple life.
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    W130mm X D70mm X H100mm
    Weight 320g

    Material: Resin + Rose Gold plating

    Made in Taiwan