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Elvis Guitar Ruler (Pink)

Elvis Guitar Ruler (Pink)

£8.00 Regular Price
£2.00Sale Price
One every “ELVIS/ruler”, one side you can see standard guitar neck that you can actually feel that you are holding a real guitar. On the other side of the “ELVIS/ruler”, it is not hard to imagine that it is used as a ruler. How convenient! The spirit of this design lies in: don’t forget your guitar dream because you have to work. Just ROCK YOUR WORLD hard.
  • Details

    Legend Rock- 38.3cm(L) 7.7cm(W) 0.5cm(D)
    Country Rock- 38.3cm(L) 8.8cm(W) 0.5cm(D)
    Weight: 65g
    Packing size: 41.3cm(L) 9.3cm(W) 0.6cm(D)
    Weight: 89g

    Material: PC plastic
    Model: Legend Rock, Country Rock
    Colour: Pink

    Material from Japan
    Design and Made in Taiwan
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