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Hero Notebook (Thunder man)

Hero Notebook (Thunder man)

The superhero notebook is born as a response to everyone's calling for the bright side inside of themselves. With beige dowling papers are easy to write as the inner pages and bound with thread stitching, the notebook allows for a 180 degree smooth and effortless rotation. You can also flip the notebook pages instantaneously and record big and small things on the pages. Although a handy mask attached to the notebook's front cover is unlikely to double your super powers, it invincible super powers. With occasional chivalry, helping the weak, and giving seats to those in need, you are a real hero in the eyes of beholders.
  • Details

    Size: 16cm(L) 9cm(W) 0.5cm(D)
    Packing size: 16cm(L) 9cm(W) 0.5cm(D)
    Weight: 70g

    Model: Thunder man
    Illustration: Ji-lan Kuo

    Design and Made in Taiwan
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