Irish Rabbit Candle (Black)

Irish Rabbit Candle (Black)

The new Irish hare head shape candles, eye candle Wildlife series of new works, Ireland unique hare form, especially changes in winter color is very huge, sharp eyes coupled with cute bow tie, natural and vivid facial expressions, fluffy hairs are portrayed delicate full performance hare lovely appearance.

Choose low-key black with the calm of vanilla essence, let's put your space, add low wither nor flamboyant fashion sense, vision and taste are able to easily enjoy, make your home decoration promoted to the level of art

While eye candle is spreading its wonderful scent, it also is communicating between humans and space. Just like a piece of art, it improves the quality of a living space. Every candle has infused our soul, it’s warm and vivid.

By Eye Candle
  • Details

    Scented candle
    Black: Vanilla
    Burning hour: 0ver 10 hours

    Size: 10*7*10 cm
    Weight : 200g

    Design and Made in Taiwan