Lanshou goldfish (Black)

Lanshou goldfish (Black)

Lanshou was known as the king of goldfish, it is the biggest feature is no dorsal fin, swimming twist when the rolling body and chubby cheek, very pleasing. Lanshou features the end of the Department of rapid downward bending, showing egg-shaped body, and the head of the red sarcoma, short fins, swimming very cute.

The good things in life
Goldfish has always been the meaning of Lucky, no fish tank flavor more goldfish candle fragrance, do not have to change the water without feeding, the most suitable for lazy.

Each detail is a multi-art color, layers of natural rendering rendering effect, eye candle 4 years and handmade workshop to cultivate the skill, even the fish tail are dealt with fine craft level.

And then a good night from the candle, enjoy the candle fragrance and Lan Shou in the light and shadow effect, is the best scenery at home, give the best new home with the ceremony.

Painted paint
Eye candle long-term cooperation with the Taiwan hand candle handmade workshop, painted painting technology after several years of communication, beauty of the transmission and coordination, the use of lead-free paint to ensure that burning will not produce toxic substances, layers of color and fog Surface techniques to use, and finally brush the eye to make animals more vivid, to make the quality of the design products.

  • Details

    Burning hours: 12-15 hours
    Weight: 200ml
    Scent: cranberry+lavender + white peach

    Design and Made in Taiwan