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Mouflon Candle (Black)

Mouflon Candle (Black)

The mouflon is thought to be one of the ancestors for all modern sheep breeds. This mouflon candle features the two vigorous horns and the exquisite facial muscle lines. A special gift for all animal lover.

While eye candle is spreading its wonderful scent, it also is communicating between humans and space. Just like a piece of art, it improves the quality of a living space. Every candle has infused our soul, it’s warm and vivid.

By Eye Candle
  • Details

    Scented candle
    Black: vanilla, caramel
    Red: red currants, orange 

    Burning hour: over 10 hours
    Size: 8.5*10*10.5cm
    Weight: 200g

    Design and Made in Taiwan
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