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Post Bag (Purple turquoise)

Post Bag (Purple turquoise)

£10.00 Regular Price
£4.99Sale Price
Post Bags are specially designed carrier bags that can be folded into a postcard size envelope to be mailed directly. It's a unique gift concept where your design and ideas can be drawn (onto the shopping bag itself) before posting. 

The series of envelope post bags come in 4 varieties of color combinations: brick azure/ yellow olive/ steel orange/ purple turquoise

This is by far the most lightweight and durable shopping bag- tear proof + water proof, and 100% eco-friendly!

By Greenwood Lab
  • Details

    Material: Tyvek*

    4 Colours:
    Brick azure, Yellow olive, Steal orange, Purple turquoise

    320*45*400mm (spread)
    160*100*10mm (fold)

    100% recyclable Tyvek
    100% water and tear proof

    *A selected material due to its similar characteristic of paper and strong fibers, it is light, and breathable. It is also bio-degradable. It's a strong, water resistant, tear resistant material

    Design and Made in Taiwan
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