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Rhino candle

Rhino candle

£65.00 Regular Price
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Rhino X candle

The Animal X CANDLE, is a fragrance candle which will spread light aroma (caramel and rosemary) indoors, feel like staying in a pure forest. In addition, after candle's burning, it will leave a groove on the animal's back, can place the succulent plants or tealight candles.

First camellias bloom by the lake, the early spring color with soft snow.

Living in the vivid city, we greet hundreds of people a day, meet each other and create many life stories. Same time, some parts of the world, animals live by using their own angle of eyes. See this world and discover their own simple life.
  • Details

    W160mm X D50mm X H80mm
    Weight 225g

    Material: Wax
    Burning time: 4-5 hours. Extinguish the light every 2 hours burning for 20 minutes cooling and it can be lighted again.

    Made in Taiwan
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