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Skull in Jar Candle-Silver Black

Skull in Jar Candle-Silver Black

£53.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
EYE LAB collection presents perfect combination of candles in various shapes and gel candles. 

Not creepy enough? Try this. This candle comprises of skull-shaped candle placed in a glass container to give the appearance of a specimen jar that’s commonly found in labs. When lit, the candle exhibits a unique eerie coziness ambience, especially with the flame reflecting off the structure of the skull.

By Eye Candle
  • Details

    Scented Candle
    White: mint, fern

    Burning hours: over 25 hours (In order to ensure the candle combustion quality, please blow out the candle for half hour after burning every two hour.)

    Size: 14.5cm(H)
    Weight : 300 ml

    Design and Made in Taiwan
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