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THREEM/Sticky notes (Skrik)

THREEM/Sticky notes (Skrik)

£4.99 Regular Price
£2.00Sale Price
What makes Mona Lisa concealing her laughter for over five hundred years? What makes the girl with a pearl earring so ambiguous? For something inconvenient to say, let famous paintings help you with that. Messages via famous paintings make all of the ordinary and trivia matters more interesting.  

No matter what your favorite is, Renaissance or Expressionism, this decorates the routine and stifling office environment with a joyful and artistic atmosphere.
  • Details

    Size: 7.5cm(L) 7.5cm(W) 0.8cm(D)
    Weight: 50g

    Packing size: 9cm(L) 9cm(W) 1cm(D)
    Box set: 20cm(L) 20cm(W) 10cm(D) 36 packs
    Weight: 1750g

    Material: Simili paper, Soyabean ink
    Design and Made in Taiwan
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