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Originally as Affordance Design, its focus was on the relation between objects, between an object and its environment, and between the environment/culture and its people. In 2010 through the lens of a space planner/artist, Affordance Design was about improving the dialogue and creating a sense of harmony among these various elements.


In 2012, a new collaboration began as a group of dynamic and well traveled designers joined together to share their experiences. With the infusion of different backgrounds and worldview, they discovered that collectively more similarities were shared rather than differences, and as a result came the birth of Affordance Design + Zuo.  


Beginning of 2014, Affordance Design + Zuo was shortened to [zuò], which means blessing in Chinese. Alternatively, [zuò] also means remarkable achievement, in inspiring and creating common wealth. [Zuò] believes in creating products that surpass people's imagination, and is devoted to delivering wonderfully diverse designs that bring people joy and happiness.

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