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Drilling Lab - The Clamp Collection


Drilling Lab and its products unveil the “revealing one’s true self” philosophy. It unloads all the superfluous embellishments, interpreting the vitality and aesthetics of factories and machining processes in a playful approach.


Titled “Clamp,” the first collection which is produced by the traditional factory in Taiwan, explores the structure of clamp in the shape of rings. The best part is that one could assemble or dissemble the ring with the screw and hex key enclosed. Coming in 3 different colors, the screw adds the perfect finishing touch to the piece expressing the user’s individualized character.


After its first debut of highly favourable ring series last season, in 2015 spring Drilling Lab has added Earring and Bracelet in its Clamp accessory collection. Enchanted by the sturdy, straight-forward and unadorned properties of things made with traditional techniques and machining components, the designer gives no extra surface treatment and retains the casual and rugged touch.


It echoes the designer’s intention of creating something genuine, unpretentious and simply lasts. As a fashion tool, the ring places special attention on the user's personality, making it a great statement piece of one's identity especially for those who are searching for a little bi of edge and toughness.

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