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Hao Shi


Haoshi, let good things happen.

Haoshi is a home and living décor design company established in 2009, named by the Chinese pronunciation "good thing".


We believe that life is full of happiness and interesting things. See every single thing from different angle of view, and concentrate on everything from this busy world. Anything could be a good thing. 


We add a kind of purity and peace into haoshi’s design concept. Every exquisite design presents haoshi’s unique life philosophy. The world is simple, as long as our mind is simple. Always here, haoshi discovers every “good thing” in our lives, create new story through time. 


haoshi’s collections present different ways of living, we observe natural behavior and create it to a luxury home decoration. All detail on the product is full of master carver works. Let the simple and exquisite detail give you a peace of mind, let good things happen!

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